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The core of Global KnowleX’s services are collected in the service package: Support to eXplore DK, that is targeted prospective students and families for studying at IB Diploma at a Danish High School and only provided via our European co-operation partners. 


The content in “GKX Support to eXplore DK” underlines our intention to work closely with students and families during their years in Denmark. It is divided into three levels depending on the student's and parents' need for support and advice. These services are divided into: 

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  •  for 1st yr students, including support and advice for the choice of High School, study level, electives, and special requirements/ wishes for a specific sport, music, etc., that the student wants to do in her/ his spare time. The service includes monthly follow-up, assistance for the EU permit, a welcome camp, and three network meetings. 



  •  for students who want “more of all,” including more personal support, unlimited administrative advice, and especially the luxury of having a local contact person to visit 1-2 times monthly.  



  • for 2nd and 3rd yr students and families needing limited personal and administrative support. 

  • Requires that the student had a basic membership in the previous school year. 



  • Addtional services - not included in the webshop - that can be bought in the member webshop.

Which services does each level include?

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GKX Services is a patchwork of basic services and our additional eXplore Plus services, that can be booked via our member webshop. You book your basic product via our native partners, and in addition you can book extra services during the year. Inprinciple like you do, when booking a flight ticket.  

It means you can design your service blanket as you like, and make it as comfortable and exclusive as you want.

As soon as your level is booked and confirmed, you can find prices and book your additional services via our webshop. Meanwhile, all prospective families can order the pricelist by email. 

Below you find a more detailed description of all our services:

  • The read boxes are included in the three levels of the “GKX Support to eXplore DK” program, and as lighter the red colour becomes, as more excluse is the service. 

  • Red squares with white text can not be booked in the webshop.

  • Green squares are eXplore Plus services and must be booked in the webshop.

  • Red squares with green text can in a limited version be booked in the webshop.

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Admission Process and Requirements for “GKX Support to EXPLORE”

Global KnowleX and our partners are not just another student agency recruiting students to Danish High Schools. We do not want "just" to provide education in Denmark - and give "all" European young people access to the Danish education system via our support program. Studying abroad, and especially not when you are still a teenager, is not for all. Therefore, we encourage our perspectives and families to speak with one of our educational partners, living around in Europe, before starting up the IB application.

European Educational Partners are a mandatory part of “GKX Support to eXplore”, because we simply cannot get to know our perspectives well enough from a distance. Through the application process, our partners ensure that teenagers are mature, personally and academically, and ready to move away from home and to study and live partly alone in Denmark and that parents understand that the “sweet” childhood time is over. Years of experience in this field taught us to be aware of not only the personal and academic differences but also the cultural and social backgrounds that are considered when we assess whether a student is mature enough for the program. 


Including our partners in the process gives students and parents a fair chance to speak it in their native language. Studying abroad is a dream for many, but it is difficult, academically and personally. It is a strong decision and to ensure that all get a great experience and a fair diploma, and, therefore, we need to sort out the unrealistic “dreamers” get sorted out as early in the process as possible. 


Our partners offer:

  • In-depth interview and mutual reconciliation of expectations, understanding, and obligations for the student and parental support to study for one or more years in Denmark

  • Prior guidance regarding choice of High School, including presentation of electives and options for boarding, sport, music, and other spare time activities in the school towns.

  • Provide thorough assistance and preparation to the student and parents in the family's mother tongue before and during the study in Denmark

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How do recognize the realistic perspectives from the “dreamers”?

Our admission process does not differ much from the general IB Diploma admission, and some will say that our screening is more difficult than getting admitted at one of the IB schools. It is not in our interest to create unrealistic hopes, and therefore we put our barriers high and don’t admit students who don’t find it realistic for to get admitted at one of the High Schools we work with. So in other words, when we admit a student, and our recommendations for school choice are followed, s/he also has a very good chance to get admitted and start-up IB studies next summer.

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  • Application form and personal interview that ensure that the student is mature enough and exhibits behavior that shows that we can expect that she/he can manage to move away from home at a young age and meet demands that are normally only made for young people who are several years older.

  • Language test that proves that the student's English level meets the IB education's requirements for completion of the study

  • Screening of the student's academic background for IB Diploma:

    • Sufficient prior schooling; the student is missing a maximum of two upper secondary years in their High School system when starting on the IB Diploma.

    • Achievement of sufficient academic level, i.e. minimum the grade A+ on the American grading scale in the subjects English, mathematics, and science

    • Forward of a recommendation letter from the student’s English teacher, confirming the student’s personal and academic maturity in relation to expect graduation of IB in Denmark

If the student seems mature enough studying in Denmark, but does not meet one or more requirements, the student can be suggested to start on pre-IB, which is a one-year preparation year for the IB Diploma.

Ready to study IB Diploma in Denmark - and interested in more information?

Are you curious to know more about our programs? Are you ready to take the first step?


Contact us today for more information and receive our flyer about studying for the IB Diploma in Denmark with Global KnowleX as your supportive partner.

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We are represented in the following countries and can, via our cooperation partners, arrange a nonbinding video call in your mother tongue with short notice.

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We aim to be represented by professional educational partners in all European countries. Therefore if you are working with international High School Programs and are searching for a supportive partner in Denmark, don’t wait long to contact us. We will be happy to develop our business together with you.

Send us an email via - - and we set up a video call within the following weeks.

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