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The story about Global.
The curious elephant who wanted to change the World.

Have you ever heard the story about “Global”? The young inquisitive elephant who changed its own life by believing in itself and dreaming about creating a better life, not only for itself but also for many others? This is the story about how our mascot, Global KnowleX, got its name because it understood the importance of striving and acquiring knowledge. We work to make it a symbol of secure and safe studies for international, global-minded students as well.

Global grew up in a quite ordinary elephant family with siblings, parents, and a lot of relatives. Born as an elephant, it had a strong memory and was very committed to collecting all kinds of necessary knowledge to live a long, happy and successful life. It was unusually curious and asked a lot of questions. It wanted to know everything worth knowing in the whole world. Its Dad often said: “Oh Global, you ask and ask about “everything”. One day you will know all worth knowing. Global replied and turned to its mother: “Mom, what is the most important thing in the whole world to know?” She replied like many times before: “The only thing you need to know is that we love you and want you to be happy ”. Global loved her and saved her answer deep inside its big elephant heart.


Global grew elder and spend more and more time surfing on the big World Wide Web. It became more and more interesting in leaving home to explore the World. Especially, Denmark the small monarchy in the northern part of Europe had caught its interest. The country invested in education for its people, it had a strong focus on sustainability, gender equality, freedom of speech, animal welfare, and green energy. It sounded like such a wonderful country and its people were said to be some of the happiest in the whole world. As more Global read about this fantastic country, it became more clear that itl had to go there to find the secret – and bring happiness back to its own society. One day a headline caught its eyes: Danish “Hygge” cannot be explained, it must be experienced. Global didn’t know the word “hygge” but it knew that it was time to go and announced it at the family dinner.

Mama & Papi Elephant looked at each other. They both knew that the time for “goodbye” had come. They couldn’t stop their teenager from following its dream of exploring the world to get more knowledge. Global’s mother said with wet eyes: “We know it is important for you to take in all the knowledge you can get. You can only understand it deeply by studying and exploring life. You are young, but we trust in you. Now you will be on your own. Take care and promise us that you will never forget that we love you and most of all want you to be happy”.

Global promised and left to the country in the North. Life was often challenging and it often missed the happy and carefree days at home. On the tough days, it thought about its mother’s words and wiped the tears away. Slowly Global made new friendships, became part of new networks, got to know the Danes, and studied hard. Day by day it became easier to live in its new country. Time flew and one day Family Elephant traveled to the north to congratulate Global on its graduation and diploma. Papi Elephant was proud and said: “From today your name is Global KnowleX. You know who you are. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You know how the world works. Now you are ready to make a difference not only here or at home, but anywhere in the world”.

That’s Global’s story. Make it yours. In GKX, we believe in that “Together we think smarter”. We aim to blend “the Danish way” with global comprehension and experience. In our understanding knowledge received and experienced in Danish High Schools and Universities must spread out in the world like rings in the water. While our schools and co-operation partners take care of schooling and network, we take off your teenager’s well-being. Only happy and carefree students are able to learn and grow as humans and to understand how the world works and to make it a better place for all.

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