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At GKX, we have realized that living in Denmark is difficult without help understanding how public administration works. Most letters from Danish authorities are sent in Danish, websites are usually only translated to a limited extent into English, and other main languages ​​such as German and Spanish, are just not an option. Therefore, help with administrative support is naturally part of the service package we offer our members and families. Our employees are naturally bound by confidentiality and have experience solving challenges in an average year in a teenager’s life.


Examples of possible scenarios where our assistance will be helpful:


  • Guidance on setting up and using digital ID (MitID)

  • Translations of letters received in Danish from fx the Danish government (healthcare, SU, tax, etc.) 

  • Creation of a Danish bank account (incl. for minors). 

  • Reading and checking up on contracts for apartments, study jobs etc.

  • Guidance and application of SU (the Danish financial support for 18+ students)

  • Advice in finding student jobs, application, and CV

  • And much more 


The service is furthermore offered to the parents in English if advice or support for their student’s safety or wellbeing in Denmark is needed. 


Service use will be charged according to the applicable GKX administrative support/ hour.


Additional administrative support can be booked to the appropriate hourly fee. 

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