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Let’s be honest. Studying abroad is not for all. Years of experience with international students have taught us to be picky with which students we admit to the “GKX Support to eXplore DK” program. It is not only about being a clever teenager with top grades. It is important, but it cannot stand without a fair level of maturity and 100% parental backup. It does not work to ignore problems in the family because, in that case, the risk of homesickness and inability to adapt to the new culture and everyday life is significantly increased.


For the GKX Support to eXplore Denmark program, we search for High School students who want to replace the last two years of their local High School education with an IB Diploma. Approval is based on an assessment of the following criteria:


  • Prior schooling: Min. 10/ 11 yrs of schooling, and maximum two years left in the current High School, when starting up studies in DK. 

  • English Level: Students must be able to communicate, read and write English at A-level (US scale). Language test included in admission. 

  • Academic Level: Min A in English, Mathematics, and Biology/Science. 

  • Academic Recommendation letter from current High School:    

  • Age: 16-17 yrs at arrival 

  • Maturity: independent approach and understanding that it is their own responsibility not only to handle homework and assignments but also to get up in the morning, organize their life in general including cleaning their room and laundry. 

  • Parental backup and support: When moving out parents have to let go, and accept that they cannot do all, or control all for their child anymore. They must be ready to let their daughter/ son follow the customs of the new lifestyle and accept that they cannot participate in all at home. The “head” have to follow the “legs”, and it is only possible if the parents let the teenager handle the new lifestyle as a young adult.


The admission is handled as an overall assessment of the completed application form, submitted grades, and recommendation as well as the student and parent interview.


We only admit 1st-year students at eXplore Basic og Explore eXtended level due to the need for assistance prior to arrival and especially the first months after arrival.

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