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The GKX Student Community is our online platform for international students in Denmark between and 15 and 19 yrs. The GKX eXplore DK Community is a place to develop and experience more knowledge about how the Danish welfare system works and to get an introduction to some of the many worldwide known Danish companies and insight into how they all, in different ways, daily handle increasing political and non-politic requirements like sustainability, human rights, healthcare, and animal welfare.

In the GKX Student Community, we admit international students interested in establishing an international worldwide network while studying in Denmark. The primary target group, is students studying pre- or IB Diploma at one of the Danish High Schools offering the English language high school youth education from Cambridge. Still, other students, like educational students on temporary trainee programs, volunteers, and exchange students living in host families, are also welcome to join.

Student Safety: Our students' safety in connecting and communicating with each other is highly prioritized. Our responsibility and strong intention is to make the community a safe place for networking online and in “real life” and encourage our students to visit each other on weekends and holidays. Therefore access to the community is limited to students between 15 - 19 yrs studying or volunteering in Denmark. To secure that only fellow students with similar backgrounds and intentions are admitted, all students are screened before admission to the GKX Community. Members, who exhibit abusive and/ or violent behavior towards other students in the group, GKX's employees, the purpose of the GKX Community, or in another way, e.g., via offensive or unpleasant comments on the page, postings on the page, etc., will be immediately and without warning excluded.

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Admission procedure: Access to the GKX Community requires a subscription to the GKX Living in Denmark platform. By signing up for the platform, we ask you to confirm that you are a student, complete an application form with your contact info, answer a few intention-based questions, and upload your ID and admission letter from the Danish educational institution, internship, or volunteer project. When we have processed and approved your application, you will receive a link to the community, and you are now an approved GKX member with access to the GKX online shop and similar advantages. 


Where is the GKX Community established: We are working on establishing the community directly on the webpage, but Global KnowleX is still a young company with many tasks to solve. Therefore instead of waiting till we get the platform established, the group and activities are structured via a member page on FaceBook.  


Member fee: Participation in GKX Community is, in principle, free but requires access to our Living in DK platform, which costs 25€ per month. 

Are Danes welcome in the GKX community? YES! YES! YES! Sure! Very Welcome! The term “internationals” includes Danish students who want to hang out with peers from other countries and develop a network of international peers. Danish students who offer to be mentors for international students can get admitted without signing up for the Living in DK platform and participate in workshops as facilitators or a reduced prices.

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