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Choosing the right High School is a strong decision that must not be underestimated. Still, it is also necessary to be realistic. All High Schools are not for all, And the IB Diploma study is not for all.  In GKX we are working with a number of elected public Danish High Schools offering the IB Diploma education from Cambridge. Which High School is the best choice depends on our prospective’s future dreams and actual academic skills, and other interests like sports and music. If a student wants to study economics, electives like Global Economy can be important. Still, if the student is more interested in medicine, biology at High Level is essential to access the needed university. For other students, it is important to have access to a specific sport or music class, and then the right choice is a third school. We know the High Schools' pros and cons, and it is one of our finest tasks to advise our perspectives on which one to apply for. 


The guidance is performed in close cooperation with our European education partners, which gives our non-English speaking parents a better chance to understand the options and differences between the schools. During the process, we will conclude 2-3 High Schools that we advise the student and the parents to look closely at in our specially developed IB catalog, presenting you with all you need to know about the different schools and towns incl. Information about the local accommodations options, including room rent and options for state aid to reduce the price of the room.


All students are applying for IB Diploma study place on equal terms. From GKX’s side, we cannot guarantee that GKX perspectives will get admitted, but due to years of experience working with the High Schools, we give the student fair advice for which schools to apply to based on their academic skills. The number of study places and applications varies a little from year to year, and therefore admission can be possible at one school but more difficult at another. In GKX we work in close cooperation with the High Schools. We know their criteria in general, and in most cases, we can in co-operation with the local study counselor indicate off, if admission seems reachable at their school or not. 


The management of the applied High School always takes the final decision and confirmation of a study place, and  GKX cannot be held responsible for any refusal. Still, due to our cooperation with the schools, we will always try to help GKX-approved students to find a place at another school. 


Click here to read more about admission requirements for IB Diploma. 


IB High School Guidance is only offered via our European Educational partners. First of all, because guidance in the perspectives and especially her/ his family’s native language has very high priority. The students must speak English at a high level to get admitted. Still in most cases, minimum one of the parents is not speaking English at a level where it is fair that they should make one of the most important decisions in their child's life without understanding all in detail. Our partners also know local schooling and grading systems in detail, and last but not least our partners have a natural understanding of, if there are other social or cultural perspectives that we should be aware of before we sign a cooperation agreement with the prospective and her/ her family.

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