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This is your guide to understanding
the Danish way of living quickly and easily

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Living in Denmark is a platform where you as a foreigner living in Denmark can find a lot of worthful information and links about living in Denmark.The information is targeted High School students, but in most cases, there is no difference if you are 16 yrs or older. The biggest difference is in “Registration in Denmark” as the minor students need extra documents signed by parents/ guardians.

The GKX Living in Denmark guide is based on more than 15 years of collected frustrations from international students in Denmark. The content covers information that most like to have a general understanding about but often find difficult to understand or to find the right webpages about. 

Our guide is built up in themes with under pages that make it easy to navigate so that you can quickly find the answer when you stand in a scenario without knowing what to do. If you want to know more, just click on the links and go directly to the web pages of the responsible authorities or organizations. The guide is currently under construction, and is continually becoming more and more comprehensive. You are welcome to contact us with requests for topics you like us to describe.

In some cases, we have put: 🇩🇰. We do this with words where we consider that it may be practical for you to know the standard Danish translation of the word. Either for the purpose to Google it or to recognize the word “on the street” or if friends use the word.

Subscription Fee and conditions: Access to “GKX Living in DK” costs 25€ per month. The first week is free, and no notice period, if you want to stop your subscription. You have access to the platform for the period that has been paid for, and we do not refund money for started periods.

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