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GKX Vision and Mission

Summer event 2022(1).HEIC

Moving to another country to study as a minor is achievable,  but not uncomplicated. In GKX we aim to make the jump from being a parent-supported teenager to a young adult studying and living alone in Denmark as uncomplicated as possible. Our services are targeted minor European students, and we support all thinkable practical and non-imaginable scenarios before and during the stay. To mention a few, we advise choosing a high school that offers the electives that complete the student's academic requirements; we check if specific sports clubs are available in the school town, and after arrival, we handle the immigration process till the student receives her/ his Danish digital ID, and if needed we follow the student to the hospital Saturday night, if s/he gets involved in a serious accident.


Secondly, we intend to grow understanding across nationalities, languages, generations, international students, and local residents.  We are convinced that we think and work more innovative when students and networks cooperate across and aim to blend “the Danish way” with global knowledge and experience. By recruiting and supporting international students during their study years in Denmark and introducing them to local companies and associations, we intend to create new networks between Danish companies and organizations. We do this with an optimistic hope that the students will later be interested in working in Denmark and the best case, becoming future leaders and/ or CEOs, settling in the local neighborhoods, or taking trusted positions in Danish companies in their home countries. They know their home country’s culture and language better than most Danes will ever be able to, and from their years in Denmark, they also have a clear understanding of the Danish culture. With a great position, they are expectably more committed to staying in the company than an expatriated Dane. These cultural factors and a solid educational background allow them to make great results in their future companies.

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