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The GKX eXplore Membership

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Global KnowleX (GKX)’s primary service is gathered in the Student Member Club “GKX eXplore Membership.” 


The GKX eXplore Membership includes services like the advice of choice of IB Highschool, application advice, EU residence advice and support, general and personal advice and support, and living in Denmark during the student's years in Denmark. With the GKX eXplore membership in the luggage, the opportunities for international students to manage themselves are far greater than those without external help and support. The GKX staff can help and support young, often minor students when unexpected situations arise. Moving to a new country, with different rules and expectations to fx independence and responsibility, is a big step to do alone. We know that parents are always ready to help and support, but it is difficult to guide and instruct in rules in another language, where many instructions are mainly given in Danish. 

The membership is divided into three levels: 

  • Extended level for the student and family, who ask for unlimited support, advice, and security.

  • Basic for 1st-year students with a general need for school choice, EU residence permit, advice of living in the digitalized Denmark, advice for personal and administrative matters, and interest in building a strong network in Denmark.

  • Basic Light for 2nd and 3rd-year students with a limited need of advice and support but a strong interest in building networks and learning more about how professional Denmark works. 

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Via “eXplore More Global KnowleX” additional services can be booked if needed. 


The individual choice of member level underlines our intention to work closely with students and families during their years in Denmark. and is a vital quality in the GKX spirit that parents only book and order the services the students need.


The GKX eXplore Membership is offered as a one-year membership in Global Knowledge, where we commit ourselves to carefully guiding the student through their first year in Denmark. If desired, the one-year membership can be extended to a two- or three-year membership. 


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