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  • IF possible we recommend students to live at boarding schools connected to the local High Schools. In some cases, the schools do not have sufficient rooms available at the boarding school, their dorms etc., or the student will be offered to stand on a waiting list. In these cases,e we offer to find accommodation in private families, who lends students a room on family-like terms. It means that the student will live there as a family member but cover the extra costs for meals, water consumption, heating, electricity etc. 

  • The private housing must not be mixed up with a Bed & Breakfast solution, and it means the student in addition to the payment equivalent to living at the boarding school, the student must be willing to help with easier tasks at home, such as a weekly meal day, light cleaning of their own room and common areas, emptying the dishwasher, washing her/ his own clothes, walking the dog, etc.

    Private housing can in principle, be booked of all students, but it requires additional booking of a special support package including student and family screening and extended administrative support in addition to the monthly rent payment.

    All Private Housing Families are background checked via an extended application process, home-visit, and a preparation meeting, including expectation alignment. 


  • Private Housing may at first sound like an expensive alternative to boarding school, but in return, the student will get a closer connection to Denmark, and a deeper insight into Danish everyday life

  • Contact us via the contact form for more information.

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