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GKX Philosophy

In GKX, we acknowledge that young students can handle a lot independently. Still, we have also experienced that many students are surprised, and some are even shocked when they realize how connected they are to parents, family, and close friends. This “out of comfort zone” feeling affects their abilities for sustainable learning, integration, and, most importantly, social well-being. 


After working with international students since 2008, we have experienced that when a student has access to the needed advice and support from local living adults, s/he gets better results on all levels. The student engages themselves stronger in their studies, s/he can socialize with peers and are also more ready and open to start establishing a strong local network of companies, organizations, and local volunteers. These networks can be essential for their future career because the students get a unique insight into living in Denmark via these meetings. It sounds elementary and logical, but the fact is that it is only performed in quite limited content. 


“Our most valued job is to guide and support our members. In Global KnowleX, we want students and parents to see us as their Danish family. The students get to  know us because they meet us in person and not only via digital meetings., We are speaking, chilling, and having fun from the first meetings. We try to build trust so they know they can rely on us if life gets hard and complicated. Said with simple words: Our goal is for GKX parents to sleep better because they know that help and support are just around the corner. When needed.” 

Britta Brandt, Founder of Global KnowleX

Because of these observations, GKX founder Britta Brandt established Global KnowleX in 2022, saying: “I don’t want anyone to stand alone with her/ his questions and challenges if we, in a simple way, can make a difference for the student, the parents, and in principle the Danish society. We can learn from each other across nationalities, generations, and social levels by reaching out. Each student's travel is an exciting and instructive adventure. With dedicated support and network-building, we believe the first travel will lead to an adventurous lifestyle and an exciting life and career.

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