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Foreigners residing for more than 90 days in Denmark for studying or working must apply for EU residence, and if longer than 180 days a permanent address must be registered at the local town hall. By registering an address in Denmark the Danish Social Security ID number “CPR no” and afterward your electronic ID Mit-ID (MyID, red) will be issued. 


The CPR no gives you access to Danish public educational institutions, fx public High Schools and universities, healthcare incl. family doctors and hospitals, electronic mail, and information sent to the receiver's electronic mailbox called Eboks. Without the CPR no, you are, in principle living here as a tourist and cannot study (fully registered), get healthcare, or have access to any public systems. MitID is your personal electronic ID to log into your Eboks and other official and semi-official authorities pages. 

Our service includes complete assistance for the process:

  • EU Residence Permit: a detailed instruction and checklist for required documents for minor students 

  • Booking and Visit at the closest SIRI (the immigration office) together with a GKX employee 

  • Registration at the local town hall incl. request for Danish ID number and MitID. 

  • Introduction to the system, incl. all necessary apps to be installed.


Support for the complete process is included in the GKX Support to eXplore DK program, level Basic and eXtended. 2nd and 3rd yr students got it the first study year and do not have to do any re-registrations. Other first-year students, trainees, and volunteers can book it via the GKX webshop.

*) EU Residence Permit: Students with NON-EU passports can only get a one-year study visa for High School. Therefore we don’t offer assistance for non-European students for the IB-Diploma education. (2 yr education). 

**) Special study agreements, fx short exchange, or volunteer programs, shorter than 90 days do usually not require EU residence, but we advise you to check up with your educational institution if they for any reason need that you get a CPR no to make an internal registration.

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