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Student Jobs, SU & Taxing

Equal opportunities for education for all

A pervasive value in the Danish welfare system is equal opportunities for all, including education. With a few “private school” exceptions, all educational institutions are free of charge, and the quality of public schools is competitive with private schools. Private schools are mainly chosen because of personal reasons like family traditions, 

unique electives, study directions or teaching styles, etc, but the quality of the content or the teachers skills is rarely one of them.

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The point of “equal opportunities” does not even stop at tuition-free classes at High School and university level; it goes a step further and offers adults (from 18 yrs) financial support to cover the cost of accommodation, food, etc. 


To ensure that all students can choose the education they want without depending on their parent's income and willingness to cover costs for living, students can from the age of 18 yrs apply for SU (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte 🇩🇰), the Danish financial support for adult students in public education. 


Due to the principles of free movement and equal treatment within the European Union (EU), European students who meet the eligibility criteria can also apply and receive financial support through their studies in Denmark through the SU program while studying in Denmark. 


In the following part, we explain more about the criteria connected to European students' options for applying for SU, student jobs, applicable labor market rules, and tax rules.


SU criteria + application


Student jobs

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CV and job application


Working rules and salery guidline



Do you want to find a job and need help with your CV, your application or have other questions fx a received job offer and contract, GKX can help you. Send your request, and we will give you our price for our service based on your actual need. 

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