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Working rules and salary guideline

As an adult, you can work as much as you want, but some general rules are expected to be kept. Many prominent working places are covered by an agreement developed and maintained by a specific workers union with expertise in their field. Often smaller companies have not drawn the agreement but follow the agreements in general anyway. The workers union also negotiates the salaries on behalf of covered members. 


Some general rules to give are:

  • Working hours per week: 37. You can work up to 48 hours in holiday weeks, but remember that your primary target is to study 

  • Additional fees: You get an agreed payment per hour; if you work in the evening, at night, on weekends, and on national holidays you can expect additional fees on top of your salary 

  • You must have a minimum of one day off per week 

  • You can maximum work 13 hours in one shift and after that you need minimum 11 hours of rest before starting the next shift 

  • If your shift is more than 6 hours, it must include a break long enough for a meal. It is up to your employer to decide if the break is included in your salary or you must pay the “free time” yourself.

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Essential rules to notice for minor student workers

However, you cannot get SU before you turn 18,  you can still take a student job in a shop, restaurant, wear house etc. It is very common for Danish minors to have study jobs, not only for the extra allowance but also because it is very appreciated when you apply for jobs later in life to write on your CV that you have worked while studying in High School and University. 


To ensure that minor student workers are not being exploited by their employers the Danish government has developed the following rules and regulations for Danish employees under 18 years: 


Prohibited work: Due to safety concerns, certain types of work are prohibited for minor student employees, for example, you are not allowed to work with hazardous substances, operate heavy machinery, or perform physically demanding tasks that could jeopardize their health or safety. 


However, minors are not allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes in shops, cafeées, or restaurants; they are allowed to sell it, and must be ready to ask the clients for photo ID, and are adults. (18 yrs or more). 


Rest periods: The allowed working hours are shorter for minors, and the following rest periods must be followed:

  • after 4.5 hours of working, you must have a rest period of a minimum of 30 minutes 

  • a break of at least 12 consecutive hours between each working day.

  • Maximum 5 working days per week


Salary: The minimum salary for student workers starts around 70 DKK / 9.5€ but varies from business to business. Also, extra subsidies can often be asked if you work evenings and nights. 


Working hours: Maximum 8 hours per day, and maximum 37 hours per week (only in holidays). You are not allowed to work during school hours, which means you can only work outside of school hours, on weekends, and during school holidays.


Working time: Starting and ending hours vary from business to business, but the general rule is that you are always allowed to work between 6 am and 8 pm, but there are some exceptions for working later in the evenings and weekends/ holidays if you in you are in the company with an adult colleague fx: 

  • Offices, shops, Gasoline stations: till 10 pm 

  • Hotels, restaurants, grill bars, theaters, cinemas, concert halls etc: til 24 pm 

  • Backeries, farms: from 4 am 

  • Handing out newspapers: from 5 pm 


Students under 18 year must not work alone in the opening hour in bakeries, kiosks, grill bars, gasoline stations, etc. between:

  • Working days: between 6 pm and  6 am

  • Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays: 2 pm and 6 ph

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