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CV and job application

When you start searching for a job in DK, however, it is “just” a cleaning job in a shop or a Personal Assistance job in an office, the employer will like to get to know you a little before you get invited to a job interview. Therefore we encourage you always to send your CV (a data list with all relevant information about you) and a short motivated application when you search for 

The CV. Make a standard version that you can add to all your applications. In some cases, it can make sense to adjust it to the actual job application. 

What is the relevant information:

  • Name, 

  • Nationality,

  • Date of birth (not mandatory, but recommendable)

  • Email 

  • Phone number 

  • Photo (not mandatory, but recommendable)

  • Study level (fx IB1, xx High School)

  • Former job experience (if any) 

  • Relevant references (if any) 

  • Languages

  • IT level 

  • Interest/ hobbies

  • Short personal description, include your motivation to study in Denmark and your experience so far with studying and living here.

The Job Application: 

There is no “correct” way to write a job application, but we encourage you to follow this structure into Danish companies. That way, you will answer the questions that most employers are searching for. Keep it short, and try to limit it to one A4 page. 

  • Headline: Write which job post you are referring to and where you saw it/ heard about it.

  • Introduction: Explain shortly your motivation to apply for the job, what you can add to the job, and why the employer should hire you.

  • Experience argumentation: Write shortly your experience with the mentioned job tasks and requirements, if any. 

  • Completion: Underline your interest in the job by concluding shortly what you can offer to the job and company of your values, fx happy smiling person, committed and interested, hardworking, willing to learn new competencies, etc. 

  • Attachment list: If you have relevant references, recommendations from former jobs ad them to the application, but write in the bottom which documents you add including your cv. 

  • Signature: It makes a good impression to end it with fx, Yours sincerely + your name and signature

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