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Global Knowlex, shortly recognized as GKX, is a Danish, private-owned company primarily supporting International Students (16-21 yrs) living in Denmark without parents or other adult supervision. Our service program is based on more than 10 yrs experience from classical High School exchange programs. We acknowledge that young students are independent and can handle a lot on their own, but we have also experienced that the safety of having adults around them for guidance and consultancy is essential for good learning, integration, and most important social wellbeing. Our most valued job is to guide and support them, – and we want students and parents to see us as their Danish family. Therefore we offer students a one-year membership in Global Knowledge, where we commit ourselves to guide the students carefully through their first year in Denmark.


Britta Brandt (BB), founder and owner of GKX has been working in international set-ups for more than twenty years. In 2022 she started Global KnowleX as she over the years discovered a need in the market to introduce international students to Danish companies. With a background in local politics, working abroad, advising start-up companies in organizing textile production in China and East Europe, and finally organizing and supporting minor students during classical exchange programs, she has a personal call to combine these areas. Especially in a time where highly educated labor is hard to find and where international careers with local experience are more important than ever before.

Secondary, but not with less passion she works for safe stays for the young students. With personal responsibility for more than 200 placements in Danish families and 10+ students in her own family, she knows that the touch of “feeling home” is essential for a good and successful stay.

Britta Brandt’s philosophy is that when a student is well home-based with a local family or at college/ dorm, s/he gets better results all over. The student engages themselves stronger in their studies, s/he is able to socialize with peers, and are also more ready and open to start establishing a strong local network of companies, organizations, and local volunteers. Network that can be essential for their future career, because the students get a unique insight into living in Denmark via these meetings. It sounds very simple and logical, but the fact is that it is only used in quite limited content. Her mission is to train and inspire the students to become future leaders and CEO’s in Danish companies with departments in the student’s home countries. They know their home country’s culture and language better than most Danes will ever be able to and from their years in Denmark, they also have a clear understanding of the Danish culture. This cultural combination combined with a strong educational background makes them able to make great results in their future companies and they are probably interested in staying there longer than an expatriated Dane.

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