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E-boks. Your digital Postbox

E-Boks is a digital postbox platform used in Denmark to receive and store important documents and messages electronically. 


It is a secure online email system and repository for individuals, businesses, and public authorities to exchange digital correspondence like official letters, invoices, financial statements, tax information, payslips from your employer, and invitations for examinations at the hospital. And a lot more. 


If you as a civilian have to send documents with personal information, like fx your passport, CPR-no, birth certificate, etc. to the public and semi-public institutions you can send it via your e-Boks. It cannot be used for mail and charging documents between civilians.         


When you receive your CPR no and MitID an eBoks is automatically created for you, and you must check it regularly. In a busy life, it can be difficult to remember and we encourage you to set it up to send you an email and/ or SMS when you receive mail in your e-Boks. 


App name: E-boks 

The download requires: CPR no and MitID app 

Information about E-boks

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