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Activating of your tax-free monthly income

If you work in Denmark and in case you receive SU (The Danish educational financial supportpayment to adult students) you must pay a part of your income in tax to the Danish authorities.

Your tax percentage depends on your salery, but most people pays around 38% + 2% tax for the church, if you are registered as a member of the Danish Folkekirke. Before you start paying tax you have yearly "taxfree" amount which most peoply choose to spread over the whole year. As a foreigner starting to work in Denmark you have to activate your tax account by applying for a Danish tax card and registrating your expected salery, when you start working. If you do not do that, your income will be counted as B-income and taxed with 60%. In case it happens you will get the extra paid tax back on your NemKonto the following year in April.


The yearly tax free amount that you can get is as follows for 2023:

- Minors, under 18 years: 38.400 DKK per per

- Adults: 48.000 DKK per year

The year you turn 18 it is regulated according to your date of birth.

Information about SKAT (TAX)

Apply for a Danish Tax Card

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