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DSB (De Danske Statsbaner 🇩🇰/ Danish State Railways 🇬🇧)

The app is similar to Rejseplanen and also includes a travel planer, 

It prioritizes trains and DSB buses; you can only buy tickets for these.

The app gives you a fast overview of a comprehensive number of price offers from DSB, depending on your travel style. 


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Essential to notice about online tickets:

If someone else buys your online ticket and ID is requested, they must use an ID you have available on the travel, fx passport, national ID card, your debit card etc.  - and can show on the train or bus that this ticket is bought for you. If not, the ticket is invalid, and you will get a ticket even if you have it printed or on your mobile.


This is because most tickets (orange ticket excepted) can be used all day where the ticket is valid and in principle, can be sent to several travelers over the day.

Below we inform you of the three most important to be aware of


Orange tickets: Travelling by train are generally expensive, but DSB often offers a limited number of cheap tickets for trains outside rush hours. These tickets must generally be booked min. one week ahead of planned travel. The ticket is only valid for exact travel and cannot be used for earlier or later trains/ buses. 


Bonus info: there are two types of “orange tickets”

  1. Orange: Very cheap, cannot be changed or canceled after booking

  2. Orange Fri, Cheaper than standard tickets, can be found for travels in rush hours, can be canceled till 30 minutes before planned departure. 


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Rejsekort (Journey Card 🇬🇧)

Rejsekort is an electronic bus, train, and metro ticketing system. Rejsekort unites the different transport operators, travel zones, ticketing systems, and discount schemes into a common system, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport services in Denmark.

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Rejsekort is working as a debit card for transportation by scanning at departure and arrival. There are scanners at all train stations and on all public buses. Whether you travel often or in more limited content, it is the easiest way to handle your tickets. 


All, including minors, can buy a neutral card, not name registered for 50 DKK, at the train stations in the ticket automat and 7-Eleven shops. The card can be charged in the same places, and the traveler must have enough money for the actual travel. If not, you will get a ticket if there is a ticket control on the train/ bus. 


Minors can only get neutral cards, but adults with Danish residences can order a personal card that includes charging via credit card and Mobilpay via the webpage. 


Ungkort (Youth Card  🇬🇧)

This card is valuable for investing if you live far from school, depend on daily public transportation, or participate in spare time activities in another town 3 or more times per week. 


It is a personal transport card prepaid for 1-3 months ahead.

3. Logo_ Ungkort.png

Furthermore, the card gives you: 

  • Unlimited transportation for all public transport 24/7 to school, spare time, and social activities in the area where your card is valid*).

  • 50% discount in other areas (you buy a youth ticket for the last part of trip via the DSB app) 


How to get the card: Ordering of card requires MitID 

Your “valid area” depends on your registered address, but the map gives you an idea of where to use it for free. The ticket system automatically calculates your discount when you buy a “ung” (young 🇬🇧) ticket. 











If you are not sure, ask the train conductors. They are helpful and will help you when you travel with good intentions to pay for your travel. 

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