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Doctor on call (Vagtlæge 🇩🇰) 

Suppose an accident happens, or you just feel sick and need emergency guidance,  fx in the evening, on weekends, or on a national holiday when your GP is closed. In that case, you must call your regional “doctor on call.” S/he will guide you to the next step, including arranging a doctor to visit you, asking you to go to the emergency room, or calling an ambulance if necessary. Often the instruction will be to relax, try to sleep, perhaps take an aspirin etc and call back if symptoms get worse or make an appointment with your GP the next day. 


Medicine: If needed, the doctor on call can order an electronic prescription for medicine, which can be picked up an at any pharmacy (apotek 🇩🇰) during working hours. Some pharmacies are open 1 hour in the morning and evenings on Sundays and public holidays. 


Bonus tip: if you need a pharmacy outside working hours, Google “your town” + vagtlæge”, and you will get a list of pharmacies with extra opening hours. 

Where to call and where to go: The “Doctor to call” and  Emergency Eooms are a part of the Regional cooperation, and to ensure fast support, it is essential to call the correct number. Click here to find the phone numbers and emergency rooms of your region. However, we hope you will never need it; we suggest you check it and register it in your contact list on your phone, so you can easily find it if needed.

Life in Denmark - Emergencies

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