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Guideline and required documents for 

students with NON-EU passports younger than 18 

applying for Study Visas and Residence permits in Denmark

(High School Students only).

Important! The Danish government only gives NON-EU students a one-year residence permit for high school programs. The year is counted as an exchange year; taking a complete High School Diploma in DK is impossible. It means you can ONLY study pre-IB in Denmark and NOT the two-year IB Diploma program. The only exception is if the student's parents live and work in Denmark. 


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When moving to Denmark to study, your highest priority is to apply for a residence permit to receive your CPR no and MitID as fast as possible after arrival. These registrations are necessary to study in Denmark, go to the doctor or hospital, open a bank account, and perform other services in Denmark that require personal identification. 


Application fee: 1.890 DKK


Procedure time: 2 months from receipt of all documents and visit at the Danish Embassy/representative office. 


All documents, like fx the birth certificate, are only accepted in English, German, Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian. ALL OTHER LANGUAGES must be translated into English by an official translator. 


Procedure timeline: 

10-12 weeks before school starts: 

  • Create case order ID and pay the fee 

  • Book an appointment at your closest Danish embassy/ representative office for the recording of biometric features  

  • Complete the online form ST1 and upload the required documentation before you visit the Danish embassy/ representative office. Please note that the online registration must be made maximum 14 days before recording of biometric future. 


Important note: In case of extra documentation is requested, fx if your documentation for self-support is insufficient, it will take some extra weeks before you receive the final decision. Therefore we encourage you to apply as early as possible. 


IF you enter from a country to which the Danish state grants a 90-day tourist visa, you can enter without a valid student visa and wait for it in Denmark. However, you should always check with your high school/university whether they allow the start of studies before you have received a valid study and residence visa. 


The documentation requests for NON-EU students differ slightly depending on which program you are doing your exchange program. Therefore, we advise you to follow the instruction on Ny i Danmark’s (New in Denmark, red) webpage and to ask your educational organization for advice. We are, of course, also available for individual guidance if you contact us directly. (see link below). 

Below we have stated the essential pages to help you to find the information yourself:

"NEED TO" and "HOW TO APPLY" Infopage for NON-EU Students

Read more about the application proces, required documents etc., before starting up the application on new in Denmark webpage.

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Link to the application forms



Link to Where to apply for a visa or residence permit



Links: Who can enter in Denmark on a 90 days tourist visa



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