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Guideline for required documents for
students with EU passports younger than 18
applying for EU Residence Permit in Denmark

When moving to Denmark to study, your highest priority is to apply for a residence permit to receive your CPR no and MitID as fast as possible after arrival. These registrations are necessary to study in Denmark, go to the doctor or hospital, open a bank account, and perform other services in Denmark that require personal identification. If your stay is shorter than 90 days, fx by short exchange programs or internships, applying for a residence permit is not required. 


The registration is done online of SIRI the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI). Still, it must be confirmed by personal attendance at one of SIRI’s branch offices in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Bornholm. 


Application fee: Free of charge


Procedure timeline:

4 weeks before arrival: Book an appointment at the closet SIRI*) office (GKX books appointments for the GKX - students w. min. Basis eXplore Membership)


1-2 weeks before arrival: Register online and upload the required documents 1-2 weeks before arrival 


Upon arrival: visit SIRI according to the booked time. (GKX is available for GKX students at the meeting). The purpose of the meeting is to identify yourself.  


Proceed time: IF all documents are uploaded online or handed in by printed copies at the latest at the meeting with SIRI, the student will receive the residence permit immediately. If one or more documents are missing and must be sent afterward, it can take up to two months before the permit is received. 


*) GKX offers on behalf of students to forward missing documents. Still, due to the two-month procedure time from all documents are received, we encourage students and families to upload all documents together with the online registration and to bring all in printed copies for the meeting at SIRI in case something goes wrong at the upload. 


IMPORTANT! All documents, like fx the birth certificate, are only accepted in English, German, Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian. ALL OTHER LANGUAGES must be translated into English by an official translator. 




The following documents are required and must be prepared on your computer for online registration:

  1. Student’s documents: 


  • The students' Passport/ OR personal ID card 

  • The student's birth certificate* 

  • Min. one parent/ or guardians passport/ OR personal ID card  (the same as signing the notarized minor declaration, see next point)


  1. Documents to be filled out and signed:

  • Power of Attorney for Minors to study in Denmark. It must be signed by at least one parent/ or officially registered guardian. The document must be signed and stamped by a notary. 

  • SIRI Self Support declaration (must be signed by the student) 

  • OD1 Online. Sworn declaration and information


IMPORTANT: If custody has changed after the issue of the birth certification, and custody holders' names differ from the stated names of the attached birth certification, ex, because of adoption, divorce, or death of the second parent, documentation must be enclosed. (fx death certificate, adoption papers, one parent's full custody etc. )


  1. To be received from the school

  • Acceptance letter/ email from High School  

  • Study declaration (signed and stamped by the student’s High School). In case you have not received the document from you High School already, you find the template below, and you can ask them to sign it. 


Link to the online application form: 


When you have finished the application form and uploaded all your documents, you receive a confirmation mail, including a case no / user ID. This document, including case no, must be printed and brought to SIRI with your other documents. 



Download template for required documents for EU student under 18 years here

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under 18

Download application guide for EU residence

SIRI self support declaration

OD1 Online Swan declaration

Power of attorney for minors to study alone

Download study declaration

"NEED TO" and "HOW TO APPLY" Infopage for EU Students

Read more about the application proces, required documents etc., before starting up the application on new in Denmark webpage.

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BOOK an appointment for SIRI



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