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Rejseplanen (Journey Planner 🇬🇧)

The app combines trains, buses, and ferries and includes time for walking if no other options are available. 


You will quickly realize that Rejseplanen is your strongest tool for finding the fastest offer for transportation with public transportation between two addresses, including specific time indications for arrival or departure.

Tickets can be booked and paid for all trains and most buses in the app with your credit card. If you cannot buy the ticket in the app, you can buy it on the bus.


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Essential to notice about online tickets:

If someone else buys your online ticket and ID is requested, they must use an ID you have available on the travel, fx passport, national ID card, your debit card etc.  - and can show on the train or bus that this ticket is bought for you. If not, the ticket is invalid, and you will get a ticket even if you have it printed or on your mobile. This is because most tickets (orange ticket excepted) can be used all day where the ticket is valid and in principle, can be sent to several travelers over the day.

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