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Emergency Room (Skadestue 🇩🇰) and Call of Ambulance

Like the GP it is important to notice that you need an agreement to go to the “Emergency Room” and cannot go there without a pre-agreement. Your call will be registered on your CPR-no, so have it ready when you start the call. 


In GP’s working hours: In case of accidents with limited damage and not life-threatening damage inside your GP’s working hours, you must call your GP for an emergency appointment. The secretary will guide you on what to do in the actual situation and, if necessary, ask you to come to their clinique, drive to the closest emergency room or call an ambulance. 


Outside GP’s working hours: Suppose the situation appears outside your GP’s working hours. In that case, you must call the “Doctor on call,” and s/he will guide you on the next step, including making an appointment at the emergency room or calling an ambulance, if necessary. An ambulance is only called in urgent situations, and if you don’t have fx a friend with a car available to drive you, and cannot go there by public transport, you will have to call a taxi.  


Bonus tip: In that case, some international student insurance will cover your extra costs for the taxi. 

Call of Ambulance via 112 (Serious accidents) 

If you, a friend, or a stranger have a severe accident requiring urgent help, do not hesitate to call the international emergency number: 112 for an ambulance. 

Bonus info: When you call 112 from a smartphone with a Danish mobile no, the emergency system AML (Advanced Mobile Location) automatically forwards your call and position to the closest emergency center - and they can see your exact position. Foreign numbers with internet access and location tracking will usually also forward your position to the nearest emergency center. 

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