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GKX Membership.
Our vision behind the concept.

IB students teaming up with GKX get admitted as “Global KnowleX” club members to underline the close relationship that we have with our students. We don’t work for one-time trades¨ but rather for building up long-term relations with students and their parents. We want our members to see us as their supportive family in Denmark. The one, who is always in the background and available for help and advice. We acknowledge that there is no correct way of living and understanding life. The variations are unlimited and we are curious to get to know as many as possible. The best understanding is found by learning from each other and challenging each other’s experiences, knowledge and attitudes. In this way, we take “studying abroad” up to the next level to meet the 21st century’s expectations for international youth education and individual, personal growth, and common worldwide understanding. Our service offers are always in progress, and by listening to our member’s feedback about living here as a young adult we are able to adjust and develop our services accordingly.

Why choose to be a GKX member instead of handling life on your own?

Find the three keywords behind the membership below:


STUDENT’s SAFETY is the primary focus in the GKX concept. In an unpredictable time and world, safety is of great importance and must be prioritized instead of letting fear stop young students dream of studying abroad.


“The Daily Living” preparation & support: Moving to another country is a huge and life-changing decision. From distance, it can seem simple, but the first months will show how uncomplicated everything was in the home country. Living in Denmark is actually simple, but you need to know, how it is to live in a digitalized country. We offer all students and their parents a one-hour long online introduction to The Danish Way of living in ultimo June, around 5-6 weeks before departure, and access to an online platform that includes all info worth knowing about living in Denmark. 


Monthly follow-up talks: We want to ensure that our students are happy and doing well in Denmark. Therefore we offer them a monthly, individual, and private talk about school- and daily life. We cannot promise to solve all problems but we always give a Danish perspective on how to solve them here. Due to our experience with cultural barriers, our advice is often quite different than parents’ perspectives. The talks are confidential, but in agreement with the student, we will inform the parents about urgent matters. 


24/7 Emergency Number: Life is unpredictable. Most days are happy, perhaps grey, but most likely similar to the day before. Then the light strikes! Who can you call and ask for help in a foreign country? Who can the parents call? The GKX membership includes a number to call that works day and night, and where action will be taken. (The “action” process is not included in the membership and will be invoiced individually).

NETWORKS & EVENTS. Growing insights outside school. The second core value in the GKX concept is building networks between students, companies, organizations, and civil Denmark. To do that we arrange monthly student meetings. We like to see GKX-members as a group of people with shared interests in international education, networking, and making a worldwide difference to each other. We use intercultural understanding as seeds to “grow” a better world for more people via dissemination of knowledge about sustainability, democracy, freedom of speech, dialogue, equality, animal welfare, and other themes where we in Denmark consider ourselves to be international leaders in the field.


The Monthly Network Meetings will often be based on one or more of these themes and practiced by visiting companies or organizations working with these subjects. The meetings are always combined with a light dinner, network, and time for socializing.


Day-, weekend & short holiday trips: Imagine visiting historical places, taking part in local events, or doing outdoor Viking activities together with 20 – 50 other students? These moments are unforgettable and can start the greatest new friendships across the country. We love to arrange exciting and social trips. The content and length varies depending on the actual trip and occasion. Trips are available for all international students, but GKX members have first priority and receives an attractive discount on the participant price.

CHOOSE U’R LEVEL We acknowledge that the students and their families needs are different. Therefore we have divided our services up in three levels + one additional: Light Basic, Basic and eXtended with a growing number of included services. The services of the GKX membership are connected to the the two concepts: “eXplore” and “eXtra.


Concepts for IB-students: The concept eXplore is developed especially for IB-Diploma students and covers basic services only available for GKX club members. It is services closely connected to living in Denmark, regular support during the stay, and building up networks. The concept “eXtra” has a wider target group and can in principle be booked from all international students. GKX members have first priority if the service has limited places, fx trips or language classes, and discounts based on the type of membership are given.


Light Basic: The most basic support services: platform about living in Denmark, introduction to network meetings, 24/7 emergency number, short monthly individual follow-up talk


Basic: “Light Basic” services + virtual pre-orientation, help for EU application and Danish ID number, GKX administrative support, 3 network meetings and 30 min./monthly follow up per month.


eXtended: “Basic” services + registration name and contact family


eXplore Plus: Additional services that are NOT included in any levels, but ONLY available for members.

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