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Registration of Danish residental address and issuance of CPR no (Danish Social Security number)

When you have received your residence permit/ study visa, it is time to change your home address to the address where you reside in Denmark. The first time you legislate a residential address in Denmark, the authorities will automatically issue you a Danish social security number called CPR no (Central Personal Registered number to use for public identification). The number, your date of birth, + a random four-digit number is necessary to complete your high school or university registration, go to the doctor, open a Danish bank account, and activate your MitID, which we will explain more about in Step 3. The CPR no is your personal and belongs to you for life. It means if you leave Denmark to register in another country and later return to Denmark fx to work, you will automatically get the same CPR no.

Processing fee: Free of charge for all

Processing time: Up to 3 weeks after address registration and personal identification at BorgerService

BOOK an appointment for "BorgerService" in your local townhall

To visit your local "BorgerService" you need to make an appointment. Some municipalities accept email registration for online-booking of appointments, but many require a Danish phone no to confirm the appointment. If you don't have access to a Danish no, or a Dane available to help you with the booking, you must call them to book a time.


Below you find a contact list for BorgerService connected to the public IB Diploma High Schools.

  • Click here to see your options


FILL OUT entry declaration - online and upload requested documents

Requried documents to be attached to the online application

- Study and residence permit/ visa

- Letter of acceptance from the Danish educational institution

- Documentation for residence (e.g. rental contract, boarding school declaration, host family placement letter, etc.)

Special requirements for minor students

- Minor declaration to study alone in Denmark (same document as used for residence permit/ study visa)

- Students birth certificate (to confirm custody)

- Copy of parents pasport (to confirm parents identity)

Visit "BorgerService" at you local municipality

Confirmation and online no from registration form

National ID card OR original passport

TIP: Bring your physical document map in case they request extra documentation'


Tip: Control that your name is registrated on the mailbox where you live

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Practical matters to attend to when arriving

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