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Following Standard Services are included in all memberships

Living in Denmark platform

gives you a fast overview of the most common topics that you need to be aware of when you move to Denmark. Topics that you consider so simple that you don’t even think about them like “challenges” before you arrive in Denmark and must buy a bus or train ticket, book a doctor appointment, or pay for your lunch in the school canteen. On the platform, you will find all the app’s that you should install before arrival and as soon as you receive your Danish ID no.

The Danish way of living

The platform will also give you some articles about how to live in Denmark as a teenager, how to make friends with Danes, studies & spare time activities, volunteering, and a lot of cultural advice that will make it easier to live in Denmark and understand the Danish way of living.

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24/7 emergency number. When personal back-up is urgent. All students and parents have access to the GKX emergency number outside non-office hours (17 pm – 9 am, weekends, and national holidays). Use of the number for “non-emergency” calls will be subsequently charged.

What is an emergency situation? It is cases where parents must be informed immediately/ or want to inform their child about accidents/ death of family og friends that should not be given by phone. In such cases GKX will exert ourselves to give the information in person and ensure that the student is offered personal crisis help and/ or assistance to organize a fast return to the home country “on the next plane”.

We encourage students til install the number as “in case of emergency” to ensure that police in such cases can contact GKX as the first.

The 24/7 service does not include the cost of additional professional help, the cost of home transport, etc. Use of the number for “non-emergency calls” will be charged with 3 x GKX administrative support/ hour. (minimum 15 min)

We do not only ensure that our students are doing progress with their studies on regular basis, but more importantly, we do our best to ensure that s/he is happy and doing well in Denmark. We understand that it can be difficult and we are open to discussing and supporting all kinds of scenarios, fx. study life, homesickness, and integration in general. We cannot always solve any problems for the students or the parents, but in most cases, we can always advise you how to move on or advise other professional help or support. Meetings are held as face-to-face meetings or virtual.

Individual monthly meetings

Included in memberships
Light basic: 15 min/ month (1 meeting)
Basic: 30 min/ month (1 meeting)
eXtended: 45 min/ month (can be spitted in up 2 meetings)

Additional meetings can be booked on request.

Network meeting inkl. light dinner. One of our core services is the monthly network meetings. Some meetings will be offered locally, others like regional meetings. Some meetings will include a visit to a local company or organization incl. a tour and a presentation. Other meetings can be at a local restaurant and include a lecture. To make the meetings exciting and with actual context club members’ ideas and content, suggestions are strongly appreciated. An essential part of the meeting is time for networking over a light meal.

Included in memberships
Light basic: 1 meeting
Basic: 3 meetings
eXtended: 5 meetings

Additional meetings can be booked for 59€ per meeting

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