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PRE IB Application form

Confirmation of applied program
Which school year are you applying for
Have you received the link from one of our Educational Partner

Upload following documents  

Uploaded documents must be named like this:
Student name/ Nationality/ Program/ Document initials.


Program Initials

IB: IB Diploma 


BS: IGSCE at a Danish Boarding School (Danish Efterskole)

  • PF: Profile photo 

  • PP: If you are a non-EU student, upload a copy of your passport 

  • PRL: Parent recommendation letter. ( Minimum 1 parents or guardian letter)  (See questionnaire)

  • GCL: Grades/ Transcript of the current year: Newest grades/ test, teacher transcript if no official documents available

  • GLL: Grades/ Transcript prev. year. From the latest finished school year 

  • TRL: Teacher Recommendation Letter (fx English teacher) (see questionary)

  • LT: Language test, fx Eltis, TOEFL (if you don’t have one, we will ask you to make it later)

  • SPPV: Student Personal Presentation Video (60-120 secs). The video is part of our assessment of your maturity for the program, and you can fx tell briefly about yourself, fx your daily life, your relation with family and friends, your motivation, expectations, and any worries about studying and living in Denmark. Feel free to include photos from your everyday life.


Documents must be named like this: “Student name/ Nationality/ Study direction/ document name” (ex. Maria_Hanson/BEL/IB/Profile_Photo)


By completing and submitting this application form, I and my parent agree on the following points:

We aim to provide true and comprehensive responses to the inquiries on the following pages
We confirm to become a part of the GKX program, subject to acceptance of GKX and the applied school
We have received and read carefully through the GKX Program Rules and the GKX Privacy Policy and Cooking Policy
We accept to receive GKX Newsletters, including relevant information about studying and living in Denmark at the provided emails monthly
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