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LEVEL 3: Extended level

All-inclusive service level

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Registration name for boarding

Most boarding schools, dorms, and private apartments/ rooms require a Danish contact person for minor applicants. Understanding that international families most likely do not know a person, who will offer them to rent a room in their name, we offer this service to our students.


The contact person is not to be equated with a family for visiting during weekends and holidays, but in case of emergency; fx Covid-19 evacuation, or other acute temporary school or boarding closures the service offers you accommodation for up to 7 days till you can go back to the boarding school or arrange to go home. 

Network FamilyLiving and understanding the spirit, the traditions, and the culture of the country is a strong challenge for most people. Understanding the Danish way of living requires contact with Danish families. Making friends with Danes might sound simple. Unfortunately, the truth is that for most foreigners it is quite difficult. Most young Danes do not hang out in cafés and pubs in the afternoon like in more southern countries. In the afternoon they work part-time jobs from a young age, do sports, do volunteer work, and chill with close family and friends. Many have the same friends for life and don’t extend the number that much…

So what to do? The answer could be to get a network family to meet with from time to time. In the beginning the relationship can feel superficial but over time it will grow stronger if the chemistry is good. 


Who becomes Network Family. GKX offers international students contact with a small, local network of Danish families, who will invite “extended level” members for a coffee or dinner on a regular basis. (minimum once per month). The families can be a younger couple without children, a family with young children or teenagers, or a retired couple. It can also be a single person without a partner or children. Common for all families is that they are interested in getting to know foreigners, learning from your traditions and culture, sharing their Danish traditions, and culture, and helping you with understanding the Danish way of living. Contact families are interviewed, screened, and prepared for the meetings. From experience, we know that often the best friendships often appear by coincidence in the meeting and also when opposites meet. Therefore we do not have a strong focus on shared interests, personality types etc.


Volunteer, but cost covered. The families are non-paid volunteers but can be cost covered if they invite students for a short day trip that includes transport and entrances, etc.

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