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LEVEL 4: Explore More.

The following services are NOT included in any memberships. Booking requires membership. See the actual service for specific details.

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Private Housing

We recommend students to live at boarding schools connected to the local High Schools. Some schools do not have this kind of accommodation, and instead, they offer fx dorms or more private accommodation. In general, we do not recommend this solution as they are not adult-supervised, and students are left on their own with very limited adult contact outside school.


Private housing: In rare cases, fx if the student is very young (15-16 yrs old) at arrival we offer to find accommodation with a private cost covered family, who offer a room with access to bathroom and kitchen incl. up to three meals per day. Some families invite students to share meals with them, others prefer more individual settings. In our opinion, this choice is obvious for young students who need closer adult supervision.


Private accommodation can also be found in a limited period for students on a waiting list for a boarding school. 


Private Housing can be booked in addition to the BASIC Membership – but it CANNOT be booked in addition to the “Basic Light” membership, because the student does not have essential like “Pre-orientation”, “EU Residence” and “GKX administration” included, and it would be missing in the general co-operation with the Private Landlord . 

SU & Studyjob incl. Contract. In Denmark, many minors are working in their spare time. Not only to earn their own pocket money, but also to get some experience for future jobs as many employers prefer applicants with “young age” job experience. It is allowed to work from the age of 13 and teenagers from all levels of the society do it. Therefore a lot of jobs are offered for students in shops, at warehouses, in restaurants, etc.


Financial support for studies. From the age of 18 all students with European passports can apply for SU (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte), a special Danish monthly financial support for students studying at approved high schools and universities. Receiving SU as an international student requires that you have paid job with a minimum of 10 hours pr. week.

Catch your first job in DK. GKX can help you to write your CV, find jobs that meet your requests, help to set up meetings with relevant companies, prepare for the interview and go through the job contract incl. working conditions and salary before signing up.

Understanding that the IB Diploma curriculum can be really challenging, GKX offers to find private teachers, former students, etc., who can help for better understanding of the curriculum, upgrade the diploma and prepare students for the exams. The setting can be personal or online meetings.

Prices for the service are given case by case. The mentors are paid by GKX and a contract is made between the mentor/ teacher, the student, and GKX

Homework support.

Airport service

 Imagine arriving at the airport in your new country with big luggage. It can be complicated to find the right bus or train. Distances are often long, and public transportation options are often limited in the evening and on weekends.


We offer airport service to our students. We pick up the students and drive them directly to the boarding school or other accommodation. If possible we organize up to 3 students per car to drive together to keep costs down.


IB School guidance. 11 Danish public High Schools are offering the two-year IB Diploma education to Danish and international students with an EU passport. Most of the schools offer a special Danish expt one-year pre-IB year as well. The pre-IB year is a preparation year to make students familiar with studying in English plus it counts as the 11th year for Danish students.

GKX offers students and their parent’s an online guidance in the IB Diploma education and choice of High School based on students’ current academic skills and future study plans. The guidance includes a brief talk about the different study towns as well.

Important: Access to IB Diploma requires 10/ 11 years of school from home country, A level in English, Mathematics, and Natural Science.

* * *

NON-EU students: In accordance with the Danish legislation regarding residence permits for students NON-EU students living without parents in Denmark can only receive study permission for a one-year school program in Denmark. Some high schools offer available study places at pre-IB to NON-EU.


Due to the complexity of the IB Diploma schedule, it is NOT an option to study the first year of IB-Diploma in Denmark and finish it in another country.

To book IB School guidance does of course not require GKX-membership, but is an individual service strongly connected to the membership. We do recommend all international students consider studying at one of the pre-/ IB Diploma schools to draw a membership to ensure a good start and a happy study and social life in Denmark.

The service includes:
– a 60 min. online talk to clear the student’s and parents’ academic level and requested study direction/ electives
– afterward the student receives up to three relevant schools that match the student’s skills and requirements.

NNB: The student must apply directly to the chosen school. GKX does NOT give an admission guarantee..

If the student gets admitted and draws a GKX membership, s/he will receive the following discount on the service fee: Basic Light: 25%, Basic: 50% and Extended: 100%

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