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When personal back-up is urgent. All students and parents can access the GKX emergency number outside non-office hours (17 pm – 9 am, weekends, and national holidays).

What is an emergency? An emergency call is recognized as a critical emergency, where the assistance of a known and available adult is strongly recommended; fx:

  • Passing on information about severe accidents, deaths of close relatives, friends, etc  in the home country. 

  • Assistance for serious student accidents, which require support and keeping parents updated about the situation etc. 

In such cases, GKX exerts ourself to give the information in person, to support the student at the hospital. If necessary, GKX ensures that the student is offered personal crisis help and/ or assistance to organize a fast return to the home country “on the next plane,” if required.

We encourage students to install the number as “in case of emergency” to ensure that police in such cases can contact GKX first.

The 24/7 service does not include the cost of additional professional help, home transport, etc. 

!!! Use of the number for “non-emergency calls” will be charged with 3 x GKX administrative support/hour. (minimum 15 min)

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