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EU Application

To live and study in Denmark you need to have a Danish ID no. To get that your first task is to apply for residence permission. Without the Danish ID no you are in principle living here as tourist and cannot study (fully registered), get healthcare, and have access to any public systems. Keeping in mind that the procedure can take up to one month it must be started as soon as possible after arrival. We offer help and advice for the process.

The service includes

  • Detailed introduction in required documents for EU residence application.

  • Visit at the closest SIRI (the immigration office) together with a GKX employe

  • Registration at the local town hall incl. request for Danish ID number and MitID. (The mandatory Danish digital ID to navigate in a lot of official and semi-official systems)

  • Introduction to the system incl. all necessary apps to be installed.

*) Special study agreements, fx short exchange programs, shorter than 90 days does usually not require EU residence

Pre-orientation. To secure students the best possible start-up in Denmark we arrange a virtual meeting between student, parents and GKX in June/ July, where we go through the most important things to be aware of. On the agenda you find information about:

  • An average school day in Denmark

  • The application process of getting a Danish ID no and MitID*

  • Daily living incl. study life and spare time activities incl. sports clubs etc.

  • Transportation and travel card options

  • Healthcare incl. hospitals, doctors, dentists, etc.

  • Networking


NemID/ MitID: The Danish digitized verification system to confirm mails and other public requests and services from fx banks, the government, insurance companies, etc.

In GKX we recognize that living in Denmark without available support for guidance for the more official and personal matters can be difficult. Fx reading and understanding letters from the Danish government, creating a Danish bank account, applying for Danish SU (the Danish financial support for 18+ students), reading contracts for apartments, jobs contracts, etc.

The service is furthermore offered to the parents if they need any advice or support for their student’s safety or wellbeing in Denmark. Use of the service will be charged according to the applicable GKX administrative support/ hour.

Included in memberships:
Light basic:

Basic: 1 hour/month
eXtended: Unlimited incl. parental support

Additional administrative support can be booked to the applicable hourly fee

GKX administrative support

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